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====== Privacy Policy ======
This page ((This page is modified from [[]] , and it is also licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International)) explains how and when your personal data is collected, processed and used when accessing or any of its subdomains. Basis of all processing are the terms of the [[|General Data Protection Regulation]] (GDPR).
In the following text we use
* "we" for the people managing the website or in GDPR speak: the controller
* "you" for the users accessing the website or in GDPR speak: the data subject
We're not doing anything different than any other website on the planet, but it's only fair we explain it to you.
This text was written to be short and easy to understand by someone who is not a lawyer. If you feel something is not as clear as it should be, please help to improve it (it's a wiki after all).
===== Cookies =====
Cookies are small text files stored by us inside your browser. This allows us to give your browser a short- and long-term memory.
In general, all cookies we set are necessary to provide functionality on our sites. Details on which cookies are set by DokuWiki are available at [[#used_cookies]].
===== Server Logs =====
The web server hosting our site will log each page access. This log will also contain some personal data:
* the referrer (where you came from)
* your browser identification
This information is necessary for legal reasons and to analyse and prevent abuse. This allows us to keep users away who try to crash our server or to have necessary evidence in case of illegal or criminal activity.
Our server logs are automatically deleted after 14 days. We will only keep log files longer when they are needed as evidence during an investigation.
===== Change Logs =====
When you edit a page in the wiki, we log the following personal data
* username
This allows us to easily block users who vandalize the wiki. And your username allows us to credit you according to the [[|CC Attribution Share Alike]] license we use on this wiki.
===== User Profiles =====
When you opt to register for an account in our wiki you need to provide the following minimal data:
* username
* email address
* password
All other data is optional.
When you want to delete your account, write an email to < > (just replace ~ with @). Unfortunately the wiki currently does not seem to support self-deletion.
===== Your Rights =====
The GDPR guarantees your right to information about your personal data, as well as your rights to rectification, erasure, and portability (e.g. for transferring data). Furthermore, you have a right to restriction and objection of processing your data.
Feel free to write an email to < > (just replace ~ with @).
Of course, you also have a right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory data protection authority.
==== Used Cookies =====
Cookies used by us: [[|See DokuWiki for technical details]]
=== DW<hash> ====
Used for authentication after login. This holds the necessary data to (re)login a previously authenticated user.
* Importance: **necessary** for anyone who needs to log in
* Typical content: encrypted username and password
* Expires: in a year ((if "Remember me" was checked when logging in, otherwise: at the end of the browser session))
=== DOKU_PREFS ====
Used for remembering helpful user preferences, like the size of the editor textarea.
* Importance: **functional**
* Typical content: name/value pairs in plain text
* Expires: in a year
=== DokuWiki ====
The standard PHP session identifier. Used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks.
* Importance: **necessary**
* Typical content: random ID
* Expires: at the end of the browser session
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