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Updated to warn about hashtag abuses

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# Radiobot get solar data images from popular hamradio websites and toots to Mastodon
### Usage
python3 [full path to config file]
python3 [full path to config file] [--with-hashtags OR --without-hashtags]
python3 /home/bot/radiobot@my_bot@my_instance.conf
python3 /home/bot/radiobot@my_bot@my_instance.conf --without-hashtags
### Configuration file
The configuration file should be placed in a safe directory (not world or group readable), and contains the instance and authentication credentials.
......@@ -15,3 +15,10 @@ A sample config file 'radiobot@my_bot@my_instance.conf' is provided as a startin
This app support both email and application token authentication.
You are strongly encouraged to create an application with dedicated app id, secret and access token for this bot.
See the "Development" and "New application" pannel in your mastodon account settings.
### Using hashtags
Hashtags are usefull for showing up toots in Mastodon's search results, currently Masdoton
doesn't do full search texts in toots like your average web search engine.
Using specific hashtags to your instance is recommended.
When using well known hashtags (like #CQ, #HAMRADIO) it is strongly advised to keep it low frequency,
to avoid flooding the search results of Operators, and Fediverse users.
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