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[Official Documentation](
An asynchronous DSL for the Gremlin-Python driver
**Licensed under the Apache Software License v2**
`aiogremlin` is an asynchronous DSL based on the official `Gremlin-Python` GLV designed for integration with
event loop based asynchronous Python networking libraries, including `asyncio`,
......@@ -24,9 +26,6 @@ in PEP 492, and is therefore Python 3.5+ only.
`aiogremlin` tries to follow `Gremlin-Python` as closely as possible both in terms
of API and implementation. It is released according to the TinkerPop release schedule.
Note that this *NOT* an official Apache project component, it is a
## Getting Started
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# [v[1], v[2], v[3], v[4], v[5], v[6]]
## Donating
[![Beerpay](]( [![Beerpay](](
As an open-source project we run entierly off donations. Buy one of our hardworking developers a beer by donating with one of the above buttons. All donations go to our bounty fund and allow us to place bounties on important bugs and enhancements.
## Support and Documentation
This project is officially hosted on [QOTO GitLab here]( however an up-to-date mirror is also maintained on [Github here](
Aparapi Javadocs: [latest](
For detailed documentation see [](
For support please use [Gitter]( or the [official Goblin mailing list and Discourse forum](
Please file bugs and feature requests on [QOTO GitLab]( our old archived issues can still be viewed on [Github]( as well.
Aparapi conforms to the [Semantic Versioning 2.0.0]( standard. That means the version of a release isnt arbitrary but rather describes how the library interfaces have changed. Read more about it at the [Semantic Versioning page](
## Related Projects
This particular repository only represents the one component in a suite of libraries. There are several other related repositories worth taking a look at.
* [Goblin]( - The main library, the Goblin OGM
* [Goblin Buildchain]( - Docker image containing all the needed tools to build and test Goblin.
* [Python Gremlin Server]( - Vanilla Gremlin-server with Python Script Engine loaded, used for integration testing.
## Developers
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