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Build: Updated requirements fie to latest versions.

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gremlinpython==3.4.3 gremlinpython==3.4.3
PyYAML>=3.12 PyYAML==5.3
#required foir kobalos aenum==2.2.3
six==1.10.0 aiohttp==3.6.2
inflection==0.3.1 inflection==0.3.1
#for kobalos testing #for testing
pytest-asyncio>=0.8.0 pytest-asyncio>=0.10.0
pytest-cache>=1.0 pytest-cache>=1.0
pytest-cov>=2.5.1 pytest-cov>=2.8.1
pytest-pep8>=1.0.6 pytest-pep8>=1.0.6
pytest>=3.2.1 pytest>=5.3.4
pytest-timeout>=1.3.4 pytest-timeout>=1.3.4
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