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......@@ -26,6 +26,37 @@ in PEP 492, and is therefore Python 3.5+ only.
`aiogremlin` tries to follow `Gremlin-Python` as closely as possible both in terms
of API and implementation. It is released according to the TinkerPop release schedule.
`aiogremlin`` is built directly on top of TinkerPop and allows access to all of the internals. This ensures all the
TinkerPop features are available to the end-user. The TinkerPop stack provides several tools which can be used to work
with `aiogremlin``.
* **Gremlin**, a database agnostic query language for Graph Databases.
* **Gremlin Server**, a server that provides an interface for executing Gremlin on remote machines.
* a data-flow framework for splitting, merging, filtering, and transforming of data
* **Graph Computer**, a framework for running algorithms against a Graph Database.
* Support for both **OLTP** and **OLAP** engines.
* **TinkerGraph** a Graph Database and the reference implementation for TinkerPop.
* Native **Gephi** integration for visualizing graphs.
* Interfaces for most major Graph Compute Engines including **Hadoop M/R**. **Spark**, and **Giraph**.
`aiogremlin` also supports any of the many databases compatible with TinkerPop including the following.
* [JanusGraph](
* [Titan](
* [Neo4j](
* [OrientDB](
* [MongoDB](
* [Oracle NoSQL](
* TinkerGraph
Some unique feature provided by the Goblin OGM include:
* High level asynchronous *Object Graph Mapper* (OGM) - provided by [goblin](
* Integration with the *official gremlin-python Gremlin Language Variant* (GLV)
* Native Python support for asynchronous programing including *coroutines*, *iterators*, and *context managers* as specified in [PEP 492](
* *Asynchronous Python driver* for the Gremlin Server - now provided by [aiogremlin](
* Async `Graph` implementation that produces *native Python GLV traversals* - now provided by [aiogremlin](
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