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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.
## [2.9.3] - 2019-08-10
### Added
- Add GIF and WebP support for custom emojis ([Gargron](
- Add logout link to dropdown menu in web UI ([koyuawsmbrtn](
- Add indication that text search is unavailable in web UI ([ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Add `suffix` to `Mastodon::Version` to help forks ([clarfon](
- Add on-hover animation to animated custom emoji in web UI ([ThibG](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Add custom emoji support in profile metadata labels ([ThibG](
### Changed
- Change default interface of web and streaming from to ([Gargron](, [zunda](, [Gargron](, [zunda](
- Change the retry limit of web push notifications ([highemerly](
- Change ActivityPub deliveries to not retry HTTP 501 errors ([Gargron](
- Change language detection to include hashtags as words ([Gargron](
- Change terms and privacy policy pages to always be accessible ([Gargron](
- Change robots tag to include `noarchive` when user opts out of indexing ([Kjwon15](
### Fixed
- Fix account domain block not clearing out notifications ([Gargron](
- Fix incorrect locale sometimes being detected for browser ([Gargron](
- Fix crash when saving invalid domain name ([Gargron](
- Fix pinned statuses REST API returning pagination headers ([Gargron](
- Fix "cancel follow request" button having unreadable text in web UI ([Gargron](
- Fix image uploads being blank when canvas read access is blocked ([ThibG](
- Fix avatars not being animated on hover when not logged in ([ThibG](
- Fix overzealous sanitization of HTML lists ([ThibG](
- Fix block crashing when a follow request exists ([ThibG](
- Fix backup service crashing when an attachment is missing ([ThibG](
- Fix account moderation action always sending e-mail notification ([Gargron](
- Fix swiping columns on mobile sometimes failing in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix wrong actor URI being serialized into poll updates ([ThibG](
- Fix statsd UDP sockets not being cleaned up in Sidekiq ([Gargron](
- Fix expiration date of filters being set to "never" when editing them ([ThibG](
- Fix support for MP4 files that are actually M4V files ([Gargron](
- Fix `alerts` not being typecast correctly in push subscription in REST API ([Gargron](
- Fix some notices staying on unrelated pages ([ThibG](
- Fix unboosting sometimes preventing a boost from reappearing on feed ([ThibG](, [Gargron](
- Fix only one middle dot being recognized in hashtags ([Gargron](, [ThibG](
- Fix unnecessary SQL query performed on unauthenticated requests ([Gargron](
- Fix incorrect timestamp displayed on featured tags ([Kjwon15](
- Fix privacy dropdown active state when dropdown is placed on top of it ([ThibG](
- Fix filters not being applied to poll options ([ThibG](
- Fix keyboard navigation on various dropdowns ([ThibG](, [ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Fix keyboard navigation in modals ([ThibG](
- Fix image conversation being non-deterministic due to timestamps ([Gargron](
- Fix web UI performance ([ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Fix scrolling to compose form when not necessary in web UI ([ThibG](, [ThibG](
- Fix save button being enabled when list title is empty in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix poll expiration not being pre-filled on delete & redraft in web UI ([ThibG](
- Fix content warning sometimes being set when not requested in web UI ([ThibG](
### Security
- Fix invites not being disabled upon account suspension ([ThibG](
- Fix blocked domains still being able to fill database with account records ([Gargron](
## [2.9.2] - 2019-06-22
### Added
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ module Mastodon
def patch
def flags
Supports Markdown
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