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    Change unconfirmed user login behaviour (#11375) · 964ae8ee
    Eugen Rochko authored
    Allow access to account settings, 2FA, authorized applications, and
    account deletions to unconfirmed and pending users, as well as
    users who had their accounts disabled. Suspended users cannot update
    their e-mail or password or delete their account.
    Display account status on account settings page, for example, when
    an account is frozen, limited, unconfirmed or pending review.
    After sign up, login users straight away and show a simple page that
    tells them the status of their account with links to account settings
    and logout, to reduce onboarding friction and allow users to correct
    wrongly typed e-mail addresses.
    Move the final sign-up step of SSO integrations to be the same
    as above to reduce code duplication.