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    Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server (#11321) · 730c4053
    ThibG authored
    * Add support for an instance actor
    * Skip username validation for local Application accounts
    * Add migration script to create instance actor
    * Make Codeclimate happy
    * Switch to id -99 for instance actor
    * Remove unused `icon` and `image` attributes from instance actor
    * Use if/elsif/else instead of return + ternary operator
    * Add instance actor to fresh installs
    * Use instance actor as instance representative
    Use instance actor for forwarding reports, relay operations, and spam
    * Seed database in test environment
    * Fix single-user mode
    * Fix tests
    * Fix specs to accomodate for an extra `Account`
    * Auto-reject follows on instance actor
    Following an instance actor might make sense, but we are not handling that
    right now, so auto-reject.
    * Fix webfinger lookup and serialization for instance actor
    * Rename instance actor
    * Make it clear in the HTML view that the instance actor should not be blocked
    * Raise cache time for instance actor as there's no dynamic content
    * Re-use /about/more with a flash message for instance actor profile