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      fix broken accessibility for search field · 345d7eed
      Scott O'Hara authored
      This PR fixes the incorrect use of `role=search` on the `<input>` element.  The `search` role is not a type of text input, and its use here was negating the semantics of the text field's ability to announce itself as a text field to screen readers.  The proper place for a `role=search` is on the `<form>` element that contains this input, so I have placed it there in this fix.
      There are likely other accessibility improvements that could be made in this file, but this was an easy fix that I figured I could make a quick PR for.  
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      Update setting layouts · 9bd53524
      Daniel Supernault authored
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      Update email settings view · 3d814de9
      Daniel Supernault authored
  6. 04 Nov, 2021 7 commits