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  • v1.1.2   Update to v1.1.2
    Release v1.1.2
    • Rename Lamb-Oseen like vortex implementation to Decaying vortex
    • Fix typos in generatePIVImages.m function documentation
  • v1.1.1   Update to version v1.1.1
    Release v1.1.1
    • RankineVortexAndUniformFlow: Generalize parameterization of velocity in terms of RankineVortex magnitude and Uniform magnitude components
    • Refactor theoretical flow field image export to make it simpler
  • v1.1.0   Release version v1.1.0
    Release v1.1.0
    • Introduced Lamb-Oseen vortex
    • Introduced Shear flows: Shear, Shear 22.3deg, Shear 45.0deg
    • Corrected Stagnation flow velocity normalization calculus
    • Moved center of rotation of Rankine vortex to image center
    • Improved error handling
    • Simplified user configuration scripts for image generation
  • v1.0.0   Initial tool release 1.0.0
    Release v1.0.0


    Initial Release

    • Supports Uniform flow, flow with Stagnation point, Parabolic flow, Rankine vortex flow and Rankine vortex with superimposed Uniform flow
    • Supported parameterisations include: Particle size (in pixels), Out-of-plane movement, laser sheet thickness, White Gaussian noise (dB), Number Particle concentration, Interrogation area to size (IA), Relative velocity to the IA size, Peak Light intensity, Pixel bit depth resolution and Image resolution.