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      [Nanobox] Apply Release Notes Changes (#5670) · 3e4b01b4
      Daniel Hunsaker authored
      Apparently I missed some things in earlier commits/releases that needed to be applied to the Nanobox setup. All minor things, nothing that breaks anything, but still best to get them in place.
      - Move cron jobs to their own component, so the Sidekiq component can be scaled up to multiple instances without causing issues with running the same cron job multiple times at once.
      - Update cron jobs to the latest requirements, removing extraneous ones
      - Add new variables to `.env.nanobox`
      - Update Nginx to use correct cache header directives
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      Add Support for Nanobox (#1709) · 256e3adc
      Daniel Hunsaker authored
      * Nanobox Support
      - Added support for running Mastodon using Nanobox, both for local development, and for deployment to production
      - Dev mode tested and is working properly
      - Deployment is undergoing test as of this writing. If it works, this line will be amended to state success; if not, one or more subsequent commits will provide fixes.
      * [nanobox] Resolve Deploy Issues
      Everything seems to work except routing to the streaming API. Will investigate with the Nanobox staff and make fix commits if needed.
      Changes made:
      - Also need `NODE_ENV` in production
      - Node runs on `:4000`
      - Use `envsubst` to commit `.env.production` values, since `dotEnv` packages don't always support referencing other variables
      - Can't precompile assets after `transform` hook, but do this locally so it only has to be done once.
      - Rails won't create `production.log` on its own, so we do this ourselves.
      - Some `start` commands run from `/data/` for some reason, so use absolute paths in command arguments
      * [nanobox] Update Ruby version
      * [nanobox] Fix db.rake Ruby code style issues
      * [nanobox] Minor Fixes
      Some minor adjustments to improve functionality:
      - Fixed routing to `web.stream` instances
      - Adjust `.env.nanobox` to properly generate a default `SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS` via `envsubst`
      - Update Nginx configs to properly support the needed HTTP version and headers for proper functionality (the streaming API doesn't work without some of these settings in place)
      * [nanobox] Move usage info to docs repo
      * [nanobox] Updates for 1.2.x
      - Need to leave out `pkg-config` since Nanobox deploys without Ruby's headers - create a gem group to exclude the gem during Nanobox installs, but allow it to remain part of the default set otherwise
      - Update cron jobs to cover new/updated Rake tasks
      - Update `.env.nanobox` to include latest defaults and additions
      * [nanobox] Fix for nokogumbo, added in 1.3.x
      Apparently, nokogumbo (pulled in by sanitize, added with `OEmbed Support for PreviewCard` (#2337) - 88725d6c) tries to install before nokogiri, despite needing nokogiri available to build properly. Instruct it to use the same settings as nokogiri does when building nokogiri directly, instead of via bundler.
      * [nanobox] Set NODE_ENV during asset compile
      The switch to WebPack will rely on the local value of the NODE_ENV evar, so set it to production during asset compilation.
      * [nanobox] Rebase on master; update Nginx configs
      - `pkg-config` Gem no longer causes issues in Nanobox, so revert the Gemfile change which allowed excluding it
      - Update Nginx configuration files with latest recommendations from production documentation
      - Rebase on master to Get This Merged
      Everything should be golden!