Commit aa509a3d authored by Eugen Rochko's avatar Eugen Rochko Committed by GitHub

Fix auto-report string saying the account has been auto-silenced (#12142)

parent a57ac072
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ class SpamCheck
def auto_report_status!
status_ids = Status.where(visibility: %i(public unlisted)).where(id: matching_status_ids).pluck(:id) + [] if @status.distributable?, @account, status_ids: status_ids, comment: I18n.t('spam_check.spam_detected_and_silenced')), @account, status_ids: status_ids, comment: I18n.t('spam_check.spam_detected'))
def already_flagged?
......@@ -1009,7 +1009,7 @@ en:
relationships: Follows and followers
two_factor_authentication: Two-factor Auth
spam_detected_and_silenced: This is an automated report. Spam has been detected and the sender has been silenced automatically. If this is a mistake, please unsilence the account.
spam_detected: This is an automated report. Spam has been detected.
description: 'Attached: %{attached}'
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