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      Add REST API for creating an account (#9572) · 5d2fc6de
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add REST API for creating an account
      The method is available to apps with a token obtained via the client
      credentials grant. It creates a user and account records, as well as
      an access token for the app that initiated the request. The user is
      unconfirmed, and an e-mail is sent as usual.
      The method returns the access token, which the app should save for
      later. The REST API is not available to users with unconfirmed
      accounts, so the app must be smart to wait for the user to click a
      link in their e-mail inbox.
      The method is rate-limited by IP to 5 requests per 30 minutes.
      * Redirect users back to app from confirmation if they were created with an app
      * Add tests
      * Return 403 on the method if registrations are not open
      * Require agreement param to be true in the API when creating an account