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      Add more accurate account search (#11537) · 8fdff274
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add more accurate account search
      When ElasticSearch is available, a more accurate search is implemented:
      - Using edge n-gram index for acct and display name
      - Using asciifolding and cjk width normalization on display names
      - Using Gaussian decay on account activity for additional scoring (recency)
      - Using followers/friends ratio for additional scoring (spamminess)
      - Using followers number for additional scoring (size)
      The exact match precedence only takes effect when the input conforms
      to the username format and the username part of it is complete, i.e.
      when the user started typing the domain part.
      * Support single-letter usernames
      * Fix tests
      * Fix not picking up account updates
      * Add weights and normalization for scores, skip zero terms queries
      * Use local counts for accounts index, adjust search parameters
      * Fix mistakes
      * Using updated_at of accounts is inadequate for remote accounts