Commit fe117cf0 authored by Jeffrey Phillips Freeman's avatar Jeffrey Phillips Freeman 💥
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Merge branch 'qoto-fedibird-fixed-2' into qoto-fixed-2

parents 05a918b7 a2c04340
......@@ -19,13 +19,12 @@ class PublicFeed < Feed
# @param [Integer] min_id
# @return [Array<Status>]
def get(limit, max_id = nil, since_id = nil, min_id = nil)
return Status.none if local_only? && !imast?
scope = public_scope
scope.merge!(without_replies_scope) unless with_replies?
scope.merge!(without_reblogs_scope) unless with_reblogs?
scope.merge!(remote_only_scope) if remote_only?
scope.merge!(local_only_scope) if local_only?
scope.merge!(domain_only_scope) if domain_only?
scope.merge!(account_filters_scope) if account?
scope.merge!(media_only_scope) if media_only?
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