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    Re-add follow recommendations API (#7918) · da8fe807
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Re-add follow recommendations API
        GET /api/v1/suggestions
    Removed in 8efa081f due to Neo4J
    dependency. The algorithm uses triadic closures, takes into account
    suspensions, blocks, mutes, domain blocks, excludes locked and moved
    accounts, and prefers more recently updated accounts.
    * Track interactions with people you don't follow
    Replying to, favouriting and reblogging someone you're not following
    will make them show up in follow recommendations. The interactions
    have different weights:
    - Replying is 1
    - Favouriting is 10 (decidedly positive interaction, but private)
    - Reblogging is 20
    Following them, muting or blocking will remove them from the list,
    * Remove triadic closures, ensure potential friendships are trimmed