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import os,unicode
proc w(f,s: string): string=
var r=""
if cmp(f,s)==0:
if f=="💎" and (s=="🦎" or s=="✂"):
r="💎 crushes " & s
if f=="📄" and s=="💎":
r="📄 covers 💎"
if f=="📄" and s=="🖖":
r = "📄 disproves 🖖"
if f=="✂" and s=="🦎":
r="✂ decapitates 🦎"
if f=="✂" and s=="📄":
r="✂ cuts 📄"
if f=="🖖" and s=="✂":
r="🖖 smashes ✂"
if f=="🖖" and s=="💎":
r="🖖 vaporizes 💎"
if f=="🦎" and s=="🖖":
r="🦎 poisons 🖖"
if f=="🦎" and s=="📄":
r="🦎 eats 📄"
return r
var i=1
while i<=paramCount():
var g=paramStr(i)
var f=runeStrAtPos(g,0)
var s=runeStrAtPos(g,1)
var r=w(f,s)
if r=="":
echo r
\ No newline at end of file
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