1. 11 Oct, 2018 2 commits
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      Bump version to 2.5.2 · e8a4ba49
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      Improve signature verification safeguards (#8959) · 1787704e
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Downcase signed_headers string before building the signed string
      The HTTP Signatures draft does not mandate the “headers” field to be downcased,
      but mandates the header field names to be downcased in the signed string, which
      means that prior to this patch, Mastodon could fail to process signatures from
      some compliant clients. It also means that it would not actually check the
      Digest of non-compliant clients that wouldn't use a lowercased Digest field
      Thankfully, I don't know of any such client.
      * Revert "Remove dead code (#8919)"
      This reverts commit a00ce8c9.
      * Restore time window checking, change it to 12 hours
      By checking the Date header, we can prevent replaying old vulnerable
      signatures. The focus is to prevent replaying old vulnerable requests
      from software that has been fixed in the meantime, so a somewhat long
      window should be fine and accounts for timezone misconfiguration.
      * Escape users' URLs when formatting them
      Fixes possible HTML injection
      * Escape all string interpolations in Formatter class
      Slightly improve performance by reducing class allocations
      from repeated Formatter#encode calls
      * Fix code style issues
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