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    • ThibG's avatar
      Add public blocks to /about/blocks (#11298) · 9b6a5ed1
      ThibG authored
      * Add automatic blocklist display in /about/blocks
      Inspired by https://github.com/Gargron/mastodon.social-misc
      * Add admin option to set who can see instance blocks
      * Normalize locales files
      * Rename “Sandbox” to “Silence” for consistency
      * Disable /about/blocks when in whitelist mode
      * Optionally display rationale for domain blocks
      * Only display domain blocks that have user-facing limitations, and order them
      * Redesign table of blocked domains to better handle long domain names and rationales
      * Change domain blocks ordering now that rationales aren't displayed right away
      * Only show explanation for block severities actually in use
      * Reword instance block explanations and add disclaimer for public fetch mode
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    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Change admin UI for hashtags and add back whitelisted trends (#11490) · 115dab78
      Eugen Rochko authored
      Fix #271
      Add back the `GET /api/v1/trends` API with the caveat that it does
      not return tags that have not been allowed to trend by the staff.
      When a hashtag begins to trend (internally) and that hashtag has
      not been previously reviewed by the staff, the staff is notified.
      The new admin UI for hashtags allows filtering hashtags by where
      they are used (e.g. in the profile directory), whether they have
      been reviewed or are pending reviewal, they show by how many people
      the hashtag is used in the directory, how many people used it
      today, how many statuses with it have been created today, and it
      allows fixing the name of the hashtag to make it more readable.
      The disallowed hashtags feature has been reworked. It is now
      controlled from the admin UI for hashtags instead of from
      the file `config/settings.yml`
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    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Change unconfirmed user login behaviour (#11375) · 964ae8ee
      Eugen Rochko authored
      Allow access to account settings, 2FA, authorized applications, and
      account deletions to unconfirmed and pending users, as well as
      users who had their accounts disabled. Suspended users cannot update
      their e-mail or password or delete their account.
      Display account status on account settings page, for example, when
      an account is frozen, limited, unconfirmed or pending review.
      After sign up, login users straight away and show a simple page that
      tells them the status of their account with links to account settings
      and logout, to reduce onboarding friction and allow users to correct
      wrongly typed e-mail addresses.
      Move the final sign-up step of SSO integrations to be the same
      as above to reduce code duplication.
  24. 18 Jul, 2019 1 commit
    • ThibG's avatar
      Add ActivityPub actor representing the entire server (#11321) · 730c4053
      ThibG authored
      * Add support for an instance actor
      * Skip username validation for local Application accounts
      * Add migration script to create instance actor
      * Make Codeclimate happy
      * Switch to id -99 for instance actor
      * Remove unused `icon` and `image` attributes from instance actor
      * Use if/elsif/else instead of return + ternary operator
      * Add instance actor to fresh installs
      * Use instance actor as instance representative
      Use instance actor for forwarding reports, relay operations, and spam
      * Seed database in test environment
      * Fix single-user mode
      * Fix tests
      * Fix specs to accomodate for an extra `Account`
      * Auto-reject follows on instance actor
      Following an instance actor might make sense, but we are not handling that
      right now, so auto-reject.
      * Fix webfinger lookup and serialization for instance actor
      * Rename instance actor
      * Make it clear in the HTML view that the instance actor should not be blocked
      * Raise cache time for instance actor as there's no dynamic content
      * Re-use /about/more with a flash message for instance actor profile
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    • Eugen Rochko's avatar
      Add a spam check (#11217) · 6ff67be0
      Eugen Rochko authored
      * Add a spam check
      * Use Nilsimsa to generate locality-sensitive hashes and compare using Levenshtein distance
      * Add more tests
      * Add exemption when the message is a reply to something that mentions the sender
      * Use Nilsimsa Compare Value instead of Levenshtein distance
      * Use MD5 for messages shorter than 10 characters
      * Add message to automated report, do not add non-public statuses to
      automated report, add trust level to accounts and make unsilencing
      raise the trust level to prevent repeated spam checks on that account
      * Expire spam check data after 3 months
      * Add support for local statuses, reduce expiration to 1 week, always create a report
      * Add content warnings to the spam check and exempt empty statuses
      * Change Nilsimsa threshold to 95 and make sure removed statuses are removed from the spam check
      * Add all matched statuses into automatic report
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