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    Add a spam check (#11217) · 6ff67be0
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Add a spam check
    * Use Nilsimsa to generate locality-sensitive hashes and compare using Levenshtein distance
    * Add more tests
    * Add exemption when the message is a reply to something that mentions the sender
    * Use Nilsimsa Compare Value instead of Levenshtein distance
    * Use MD5 for messages shorter than 10 characters
    * Add message to automated report, do not add non-public statuses to
    automated report, add trust level to accounts and make unsilencing
    raise the trust level to prevent repeated spam checks on that account
    * Expire spam check data after 3 months
    * Add support for local statuses, reduce expiration to 1 week, always create a report
    * Add content warnings to the spam check and exempt empty statuses
    * Change Nilsimsa threshold to 95 and make sure removed statuses are removed from the spam check
    * Add all matched statuses into automatic report