Commit c62ee237 authored by bozimmerman's avatar bozimmerman

sorting shipwright

git-svn-id: svn:// 0d6f1817-ed0e-0410-87c9-987e46238f29
parent 0b384a37
......@@ -376,6 +376,15 @@ public class Shipwright extends CraftingSkill implements ItemCraftor, MendingSki
final StringBuffer buf=new StringBuffer(L("@x1 @x2 @x3 Wood required\n\r",CMStrings.padRight(L("Item"),cols[0]),CMStrings.padRight(L("Level"),cols[1]),CMStrings.padRight(L("Capacity"),cols[2])));
recipes.sort(new Comparator<List<String>>(){
public int compare(List<String> o1, List<String> o2)
final int level1=CMath.s_int(o1.get(RCP_LEVEL));
final int level2=CMath.s_int(o2.get(RCP_LEVEL));
return, level2);
for(int r=0;r<recipes.size();r++)
final List<String> V=recipes.get(r);
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