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fix to laws and help.

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......@@ -1922,7 +1922,7 @@ Example : Spell_MageArmor;Spell_Shield\n\r\
Example : 90%;Spell_Portal(Somewhere else);Prayer_SummonElemental(/FIRE)\n\r\
Example : Spell_MageArmor;Spell_Shield; MASK=-RACE +Dwarf\n\r\
Description: \n\r\
When the item with this property is touched, or in the cast of food and \
When the item with this property is touched, or in the case of food and \
drink, eaten or drank, the owner will be affected by the listed spells. \n\r\
The parameters may also END with the key word MASK= followed by a mask. This \
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ RESISTMSG=Resisting arrest eh? Well, have it your way.
# not protected. This mask is defined by the standard "Zapper"
# mask. Use AHELP HAVEZAPPER from the Archon command line for
# more information on how to use this mask.
PROTECTED=-RACECAT +Human +Elf "+Half Elf" +Dwarf +Halfling +Gnome "+Giant-kin"
PROTECTED=-RACECAT +Humanoid +Elf +Dwarf +Halfling +Gnome "+Giant-kin"
#Whether or not mobs may commit crimes (except nudity and armed citizen)
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