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fixed capitilization.

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ as a Object-graph Model (OGM) library, and maps Java objects to elements in a gr
short it allows a schema to be defined using java interfaces and classes which provides a level of abstraction for
interacting with the underlying graph.
Ferma 3.x **Supports Tinkerpop3**. For tinkerpop2 support use Ferma version 2.x.
Ferma 3.x **Supports TinkerPop3**. For TinkerPop2 support use Ferma version 2.x.
Annotated classes in Ferma have their abstract methods implemented using code generation during start-up with Byte
Buddy, avoiding the need for proxy classes. This in turn significantly improves performance when compared with TinkerPop
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ with the Ferma engine.
* a data-flow framework for splitting, merging, filtering, and transforming of data
* **Graph Computer**, a framework for running algorithms against a Graph Database.
* Support for both **OLTP** and **OLAP** engines.
* **TinkerGraph** a Graph Database and the reference implementation for Tinkerpop.
* **TinkerGraph** a Graph Database and the reference implementation for TinkerPop.
* Native **Gephi** integration for visualizing graphs.
* Interfaces for most major Graph Compute Engines including **Hadoop M/R**. **Spark**, and **Giraph**.
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