Commit 29c6eebc authored by Joshua Shinavier's avatar Joshua Shinavier
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Use lambda in annotation example

parent e851b204
......@@ -205,13 +205,7 @@ public abstract class Person extends AbstractVertexFrame {
public abstract Knows addKnows(Person friend);
public List<? extends Person> getFriendsNamedBill() {
return this.traverse(new Function<GraphTraversal<? extends Vertex, ? extends Vertex>, GraphTraversal<?, ?>>() {
public GraphTraversal<?, ?> apply(@Nullable final GraphTraversal<? extends Vertex, ? extends Vertex> input) {
return input.out("knows").has("name", "bill");
return this.traverse(input -> input.out("knows").has("name", "bill")).toList(Person.class);
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